Sex and the Scorpion.

I am a Scorpio.

I am a writer.

I am an intelligent human being; I am an animal.

I am a sexual creature, and I am not ashamed of it. I am afraid of it, sometimes. Afraid of my highly sexual nature and the effect it has on my life and those around me. Their views, ideas, opinions of who I am.

But this is who I am. I will not change myself for others, only for my own benefit if needs be. I won’t change to suit others’ perceptions or ideas of me. I don’t want to, anymore. Yet, I feel the need to have this blog and hide under the cloak of anonymity in order to tell my story. Nobody truly knows who I am, but myself. Some of those close to me see bits and pieces, when I let them. I judge by their responses if I should back off or continue to let them see my so-called ‘freaky’ side. And what a side it is.

Sex is a strong driving force in my life, my personality. Yet it does not run my life. I do not feel the need to fuck every single person I meet. I may wonder what different people would be like in bed, but that is more a curiosity of mine as to how people behave in the most intimate, vulnerable, personal situations. It does not mean I want to or would ever sleep with them just because I wonder what they behave like, sound like, smell like and feel like when they make love. What it would be like to make love to them. To me, sex is a time when you get to see a person truly stripped bare.

Some people are good at playing games all the time, hiding their true selves. But mostly, in my experience, when you make love, you let go. That appeals to my sexual Scorpio side, intrigues me.

Because, for me, making love is when a person shows you parts of themselves and their personality that you would never imagine seeing or discovering simply by having a deep conversation over a cup of coffee. Sex doesn’t need words, it is its own language.

I enjoy being touched when I give permission. Unwanted touching makes me recoil. When someone touches me because they have to, or if I need them to, or want them to (say, doctors, massage therapists, etc), I do thoroughly enjoy the touch of another human being. Not in a sex-crazed, disgusting way. Just, I like touch.

And my sexual side needs to come out sometimes. Hence the blog.

– The Secret Scorpio-


10 Responses to Sex and the Scorpion.

  1. Hedone says:

    Ahh. I truly understand EVERY word. I am a Scorpio. A sensual, sexual, driven, passionate, intelligent, confident, analytical, deep-thinking, sensitive Scorpio. No one in ‘real life’ knows how sexual unless they’ve had the benefit of sharing my bed. Like you I don’t give myself freely…not my sexual self anyway; it is far too revealing.


  2. Gay Voice says:

    Nice work! I like your comment on “I may wonder what different people would be like in bed, but that is more a curiosity of mine as to how people behave in the most intimate, vulnerable, personal situations.” I met a guy once and he’s an awesome dancer – and so i thought it was fare to assume he was also an awesome fucker. not the case. but long story short i feel in love with him.

    Also, I think Scorpios can be the most ridiculous signs out there. If there is one constant thing about Scorpios I’ve experienced, it’s the startling intensity of their experience of sex.

  3. Can you, dear Scorpio, name that sign which is so sexually compatible with Scorpio?
    Would that be your personal experience?
    This sign which could be so seductively similar to you, would you know when you met it? Would you care?

    • That’s an interesting thought… well for some reason I have had great sexual experiences with Leos (two of my long-term exes were Leos and with them, I widened my sexual horizons quite a bit), I also tend to be very sexually attracted to Leos. Not sure why!

      However, Scorpios are supposedly most sexually compatible with Capricorns (the Teacher is a Capricorn and the sex was fantastic), Virgos (the Prude was a Virgo, he sucked, but so was the Personal Trainer and we had some really hot dirty sex), Cancer and Pisces. (No experience with either of those – not to my knowledge!).

      I would most certainly care which sign is similar to Scorpio in that respect. Time to do some research…

      • wendy says:

        Cancerians, definitely cancerians but you’ll fall in love, a real, sensual, deep love and you will also find that you communicate without words, not just during erotic sex but in every day situations too.

      • Personally I’ve been fatally attracted to Leos (never again, BAD idea), and Virgos – the relationship(s) can be extremely fruitful if the guy isn’t a bleeding MORON in the first place like the Personal TRainer guy I dated. The sex was SMOKING hot but that. Was. It.

      • Synthia says:

        I love Leos as well! They are my weakness, but are not good for me in terms of a long-term relationship. Sexually, yes Leos and Aries. For long term love, Cancer, PIsces… or even Capricorn.

  4. scorpwoman says:

    As a scorpio, I love each and every word of your blog! Its very difficult to find someone who understands the sexual side of a scorpio. To me sex is like water, food, and air… Not having that experience i feel.. deprived… I have found a very strong sexual attraction to taurus men, its a one glance instant sexual connection there, wonder if anyone else has experienced this?? Long term great connection to the pisces as well.. however, ironically,the best sex ever was with a fellow scorpio.. addicting and mindblowing it was.. would be interested to what others exerience?????

    • I’ve heard that, about Scorpio-on-Scorpio sex. I pursued a Scorpio guy for precisely that reason a few years ago, but he was too shy… and I lost interest. By the time he came round, I told him to get lost.

      But I would love to hear anyone’s personal experience with that :)

  5. An Asian scorpio says:

    It’s the eyes of Scorpio woman attract me and push me toward her. Making love with a fellow woman is just great, but it seems I cannot get along well on any thing else, but sex!

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